4 October 2017

train station illustrating the train strikeDoes anyone enjoy their daily commute?

For the majority, it would be fair to say that commuting is stressful. The traffic is a nightmare if you drive, public transport is becoming increasingly busier and cycling, walking or running to work is significantly less fun in the October weather.

So, the last thing we all need is more disruption! Tomorrow, another rail strike is planned. Naturally, the media predicts nationwide travel chaos. Workers on the tube also planned to strike but have now called it off.

A contentious topic

Striking is always a contentious topic. On one hand, there are real issues to be resolved. On the other, I don’t think that striking is the best way to resolve anything. The challenge is that it closes channels of communication – it’s like retreating to your own corner and closing down. The best option is always to sit down and talk it through, openly and rationally. You would hope that professional organisations could do the latter and resolve issues before reaching the stage of industrial action.

There’s no denying that there are real problems with the proposal to reduce staff on trains. Equally, it’s no wonder that workers are doing all they can to prevent the train companies from making train doors ‘driver-only-operated’. The plans remove the need for a guard to ensure the door is closed. Realistically this does present safety issues, especially on crowded trains. It’s also worth remembering that there is no replacement for that human service, especially where safety is concerned and in times of emergency.

Working around strike action

It is a real shame because these strikes ultimately most affect the people who have no power to resolve the issue – the general public. It adds more stress to the start of the day, there are more cars on the road, other public transport is busier and it puts strain on businesses to be flexible if team members are late.

Disruption like this is one of the reasons we developed FastDesk, our desktop-as-a-service solution that allows you to log on to your desktop at any time anywhere. So instead of rushing to get in when the trains aren’t working, you can work from home. This way you can get into the office when things have settled down. Find out more about the tech on our website.

Hopefully you won’t see your day disrupted by the action. Equally, i hope to see the train companies resolve the issue quickly. The last thing we need are more strikes!

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