18 October 2017

to do list goal setting business and life lessonsHave written a to do list that got so long it simply became unmanageable?

I read about an interesting concept about to do lists on the BBC earlier today. How many times do you write a to-do list?

A to-do list is a staple of all of our lives, yet it can easily become such a mammoth beast that we become buried in it. That’s when we burn out. I would bet that we’ve all been there; I certainly have. Looking at a list of tasks that I need to complete but there are just not the hours in the day to do even half of it.

We have more and more to do. We’re working long hours and struggling to switch off because there are so many screens feeding us new information every moment of the day.

So what do you do?

Start a completely different list!

I have always shared the incredible value that I find in writing down my goals. It’s a science. Somehow, when you write it down, you achieve it! Whether you realise or not, there’s something extraordinary about the human brain,; once you commit to a goal it is almost impossible not to achieve it in some shape or form.

So, instead of a to-do list write down what you want to achieve. This way you’re approaching it positively and it’s not a list of things that you feel that you have to do.

When you set your goals, you’re focussing on what you really want to achieve and how to get there. Not on the things you feel duty bound to achieve. Often once you put it into this perspective, those jobs you didn’t really want to do become more desirable. You shift to looking at why you’re doing something instead of just having to do it.

It’s a simple change in mindset that can make a huge difference.

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