20 October 2017

Lawrence Jones interviewed inspire

Taking the stage at InspireMCR.

As leaders, we strive to inspire those around us, help to motivate our teams and encourage them to set goals. But have you ever thought of the implications of that?

I have spent years finding the secrets to what makes people successful, finding out why goal setting works and learning from the people at the top of their game. Equally important is sharing this knowledge with the UKFast team and beyond.

Unfortunately, from time to time, that means inspiring someone in the team so much, they want to move on!

Our job to inspire

I will never forget a young man called Jack. He was one of our top account managers and in the team’s weekly meeting our director Charlotte had asked the team to write down their goals. In writing them, Jack revealed his dream career of being an airline pilot. He had discovered the he wasn’t tall enough for the entry requirements so had scrapped the idea completely.

I always encourage people to set and write down their goals and I reiterated this with the team. You never know what will happen once you’ve committed to a target. A matter of months later, Jack came to speak to me. Despite the height restrictions, he had been accepted on a training course and was on track to become a qualified pilot with BA. Of course, that meant he was knocking on my door to hand in his notice and we were about to lose a top account manager!

His isn’t the only tale of an inspired team member moving on! So far I have had two of my PAs discover their true passions and move into other roles. Ginny is an incredible athlete and has set up her own personal training and mind-coaching business. She’s doing incredibly well. I sent her tickets to see Tony Robbins last time he was in London so that she could experience in person Tony’s motivational magic that I often spoke about with her.

Now, my latest PA is working within the partner marketing team managing our channel relationships. So the hunt for a new PA has started again!

An opportunity

It’s an incredible opportunity to accelerate personal development and learn new skills that will benefit you thought all areas of your life. We’re recruiting now and if you think you’re up to the challenge, apply now!

In the meantime, it’s up to the team around me to help keep me organised!

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