23 October 2017

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The UKFast team at the Drum DADI awards last week where several of our clients and friends received awards. And where the UKFast fidget spinners took over!

How do you know your business is on the right path?

As business leaders, whilst it’s a natural trait to be confident and resilient it is inevitable that moments of doubt creep in, or people question the way that you work – particular if you do things differently.

We’ve been asked so many times about our recruitment process. We certainly do things differently. We have a long process starting with online applications and quizzes, then a phone call. Then we hold an assessment day which is followed by one-on-one interviews. Often these are then followed by a further interview with the MD and team leader.

The process also includes a psychometric test. You can never get the measure of what a person is like in reality in a short interview. This test gives us an idea of what a person is motivated by and if the role on offer would inspire them. You can hire someone to make skills fit a role but that won’t make a career. We find people inspired by the role; they’re the ones who go on to build a career in that field.

From recruitment to reality

I saw the success of this approach in action last week at the Drum’s DADI awards. Our marketing director Kristina took to the stage to welcome the room to the event. Kristina perfectly represented what we stand for here at UKFast. It was equally fantastic to see her present an award to one of our clients and friends The Lad Bible.

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It is always a huge honour to receive an award recognising the incredible culture that we have here at UKFast.

For someone who has been here a matter of months, it is extraordinary. It’s a real testament to the approach that we have here.

At the same time, we learned that UKFast is the number one tech workplace in the UK, according to the Great Place to Work Institute. Wow. What an absolute honour. We all know how competitive the tech industry is – there simply aren’t enough people for the roles out there. So to hear that people are happy and thriving here was a huge motivator.

We’re far from the finished article and we’re always learning how to enhance the workplace and recruitment process. I am learning something new every day.

Ultimately, everything about UKFast comes down to the people .The UKFast team make us what we are. There are no two ways about it.

I am committed to making sure that we are always improving and growing our culture. To evolving our workplace rather than diluting it. No matter the questions asked by accountants who can’t understand why we hold a £200,000 music festival for the team, or the corporates who can’t see past the standard tick boxes in which we simply do not fit; I can see the impact we’re having and know we’re on the right track.


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