25 October 2017

Lawrence Jones MBE, CEO UKFast mentoring smes business successAs a startup or growing business, there is nothing more important than taking the time to learn from others.

It’s obvious that learning from other entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes helps you to avoid the inevitable pitfalls of the business arena. But, as an entrepreneur, mentoring is invaluable not just to improve the mentee. It also ensures that mentors are constantly improving too. The best way to learn is to teach!

Before you can teach anyone anything, you must prepare. That preparation and time to reflect is where the magic happens; where the epiphany, the moment of realisation resides. If you never stop to think, you will miss the magic.

Socrates famously said: “I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think.” What I’d add to this is this process makes the teacher think too.

Tech Manchester Mentoring

Helping others is a great feeling. To get anyone to improve in anything, first you have to get them to commit to raising their own standards. This has to be across every area of their life and requires huge sacrifice. To have fellow team-mates encouraging each other to stay in the moment and keep to their plan is vital to the team’s success.

It’s easy to let pride get in the way of asking for help. Having a mentor breaks down this barrier and this is one of the reasons that we launched Tech Manchester.

The initiative is dedicated to creating a strong mentoring network in Manchester, connecting the hubs across the city and helping our digital economy to grow. Trish (Keating, Tech Manchester MD) is doing an incredible job of connecting people already, and we’ve got so many incredible Manchester mentors signed up already. The response has been extraordinary! I am excited to see how the project progresses.

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