27 October 2017

bake sale halloween at ukfastEvery year without fail, the mist descends, the lights go dark and all manner of ghouls and ghosts appear at UKFast Campus.

In the 17 years of UKFast’s history, I can’t remember a time when the team didn’t go all out for our annual Halloween fancy dress day. It’s also tradition to have an 11 am bake sale for charity.

The team never ceases to amaze; this year, more than ever have dressed up, paying £1 or £5 for the privilege. We’re also hosting a cocktail night in the office bar. Once a month we also have ‘Car Free Friday’ where we put on a taxi service for the team to go from the weekly Beer Friday celebration to continue the party in town. This month, it ties in perfectly with our Halloween day.ukfast halloween

The events and front-of-house teams have done a wonderful job of transforming the bar area into a Halloween haven. It’s £5 entry and there’s food and drink on offer until the taxis arrive later in the evening. All of the money raised is going to Cancer Research UK. The best thing is, it’s all driven by the team themselves; we started the tradition because they came in dressed up and it snowballed from there.

Unfortunately, I am missing the fun enjoying a family holiday after a busy few months. Nevertheless, the team have been sending me photos from the office throughout the day.

The value of Halloween!

It would be easy to dismiss a fancy dress day as a distraction and label the evening as an unnecessary expense, causing productivity to drop. In fact, we see productivity go up! I cannot understand how anyone could miss the immense value that these days bring to a business. The energy in the office is always incredibly high and the atmosphere is extraordinary. You really can’t beat it.UKFast halloween

The marketing girls are all dressed as convicts from Orange is the New Black, the comms team have transformed into a circus, and events into Trolls from the recent film. We’ve got Disney princesses and baddies, Harry Potter, Stranger Things, Harley Quinn, the cast of the Purge, and a McDonald’s value meal! The list is endless.

It is fantastic to see just how much fun they’re all having. Every hard-working, great team – like the UKFasters – deserves that. An office shouldn’t be a place where there’s no colour or vibrancy, no noise or energy. You’ll quickly find that the more fun a team has, the more productive it is and the more results you’ll see.

I am proud to see that, despite huge growth in team numbers, this tradition is still thriving. It’s testament to the strength of our culture.

I’d love to see the photos from your Halloween celebrations in the comments below.
halloween at ukfast

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