31 October 2017

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Chris’s pink mohawk at our Xmas Friends and Family event

I received a message on Facebook last night which read:

“Hi, I’m going to attend a group interview with UKFast in a few days. I have recently partially dyed my hair to copper brown from what was originally black. Is this acceptable or should I have it changed back to my natural colour before the interview? Thanks.”

Isn’t it interesting how we perceive the business world to be from the outside? This young man

Of course, I replied:

“I don’t care if you have green hair! I have Mohawks, the lot. My head of Comms has Unicorn Hair which is pink, blonde and blue. Enjoy! Best LJ”

And it’s perfectly true. To me, it doesn’t matter if you are covered head to toe in tattoos, if your hair is green with purple bits, brown, blonde or if you have no hair at all! That isn’t a representation of how well you can do your job. It is a representation of who you are. To me, it’s expressive and a sign that you’re clearly a creative at heart.

hair colour, appearance interview

Our head of comms’ unicorn hair isn’t just for Halloween!

What matters most in interviews?

What matters most to me in recruitment interviews is simple. It’s how passionate you are, what you really care about and – behind the interview nerves and pre-prepared answers – who you actually are. We look for people who are naturally supportive and caring.

The vast majority of the UKFast team also have what we call the ‘paper round gene’ where they have worked from a very early age to earn their own wage and make their way in the world. They’ve had some sort of job from a young age: babysitting, helping out their parents or in a local shop, or having a paper round.

This history shows self-motivation, a desire to be independent and a real responsibility level.

Ultimately there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to recruitment and interviews but I know for certain that the colour of your hair has no impact on that whatsoever!

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