2 November 2017

entrepreneur improve lawrence jones talks sports, success and failure

Sport is an essential tool to teach us all how to deal with failure, to help us to improve and to build resilience.

It is human nature to constantly evolve. I learned a long time ago that people are motivated far more by developing than by money. It’s incredible to see in practice.

It’s also true that, as with everything in nature, you are either growing or dying; nothing ever stands still. Then, when you look at entrepreneurs and business leaders this is amplified even more. We are all naturally predisposed to strive for more; to be the best.

So, how do you get there?

I’ve read hundreds of books on everything from mindset to business lessons. I have met with some of the greatest motivational characters in the world, from Tony Robbins to Sir Richard Branson. And I’ve been in business for more than 30 years. What have I learned?

Back in the very early days of UKFast, Gail and I had just been to Fiji to meet Tony Robbins. We’d moved into a new, serviced office and we were growing. On paper we were doing remarkably well. Yet, it was then that Gail and I had a frank discussion. We realised that whilst UKFast was our world, outside of that bubble no-one actually knew who we were.

From that day, we both made a conscious effort to put ourselves out there. To meet people and to learn from them.

What we realised that day was that we had no other businesspeople to look up to. There were no other businesses around us that were in a similar position.

Motivation, improvement, sport, business

On stage with British Women’s Squash Champion, Laura Massaro discussing sport and improvement

Improve with others like you

Back then it was so much harder to connect with people. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the like were only just starting, if they existed at all. Entrepreneurialism wasn’t the same movement that it is today. There was limited advice out there.

For anyone looking to grow and improve, this is an immense challenge. When you look at any competitive field, the answer of how to improve becomes incredibly clear.

In squash, you improve by playing with the best player that you can. That’s why I train every week with the British number one. In football, you become better when you play a better team, you look to the likes of Manchester United and City to replicate their tactics and improve your own.

The same applies to business. When you surround yourself with other people, when you spend time with people who are better than you and when you learn from those at the top of the game; that’s the greatest way to improve. It really is that simple.


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