7 November 2017

Startup marketing tips from Lawrence Jones MBE, UKFast CEOThere is nothing more exciting in business than deciding to start up. Taking a leap of faith and following your dreams. It’s life changing.

But, it’s all well and good being excited about your own business, how do you ensure that that excitement spreads from you to the wider world? Do people even know that you exist?

It’s a harsh question but one that we all need to ask. I remember Gail and I realising that whilst within our circle everyone knew us and knew what UKFast did, in the early days, no one outside of that had a clue. Many books, workshops and travelling across the global to meet some of the best business and thought leaders in the world, we’ve picked up an extraordinary amount of advice and we’re still learning. Marketing is constantly evolving.

Why are you marketing your business?

The first step in any startup’s marketing plan should always be to establish a reason why.

If your reason for setting up a business is to make money, that’s simply not enough! You need a bigger ‘why’. Is it to help people? To change lives? Why do you do what you do? Why are you marketing your business?

Once you have made this decision, your marketing messaging choices will follow naturally because you’re simply talking about who you are and what you stand for.

Brand is essential

There are so many different routes to take to get your business off the ground, but in 30 years of entrepreneurialism I have learned that there is one constant: your brand.

When you have chosen your company name, your logo, your colours; these should never change. That is who you are, just as much as your reason why. Products may come and go, but your brand and identity stay the same.

Be creative!

I have also learned that to compete with the big fish, creativity is essential. Search and social marketing doesn’t come from the technology, it comes from creativity. It comes from thinking differently, from breaking the rules and from searching to find new ways to work. If everyone followed the same formula, no one would stand out!
Ultimately, it doesn’t matter who you’re up against – if you have the right way of thinking you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

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