10 November 2017

recruit the perfect candidate: recruitment day and training at UKFastFinding the perfect candidate for a job role is never an easy task – no matter what stage your business is at.

In the early days, a new recruit to a small team can massively impact the culture. They can have an extraordinary sway on how the business progresses and grows. Every new recruit, at every stage is a risk.

So how do you recruit the perfect candidate? At UKFast we receive around 1,500 job applications a month. From September 2016 to September 2017, more than 12,000 applications landed in our inboxes. Filtering through these, giving every single one a fair chance whilst ensuring we find the best fit for the job role is a challenge. It has brought with it so many lessons that I thought I’d share some of our team’s tips with you.

Your job is not to tell stories, yours is to ask questions and listen.

All too often, interviews turn into the applicant being talked at. The aim of the interview is to get to know the candidate and for them to ask what they want to know. It’s not for the interviewer to tell story after story about themselves! Of course, break the ice, but as the interviewer you shouldn’t say much other than ask questions, respond to their answers and to reply when you’re asked a direct question. It’s that simple.

Know your own values before you look for the values you expect from someone else.

I often talk about the core values that make UKFast’s culture what it is. We created these more than a decade ago by asking the team what it is that makes UKFast, UKFast. They have remained the same ever since.

They’re an integral thread throughout every part of the business, and notably, we recruit on them. These values give us a tangible list of why our culture is so great and who we need to add to that culture, rather than dilute it.

Equally, they help us to recognise when someone will be happy in our team. If you think about it, everyone is unique. Every member of UKFast is unique: the tall, the short; the bubbly, the quiet; the gamers, the gym goers, the cocktail drinkers; the list goes on. Yet, they all have these common traits, our core values: passionate, professional, innovative, dynamic and supportive.

It would be unfair to recruit someone who didn’t exude these values into a group who possess them in spades.

Live your values in everything that you do.

It is not enough to just have a list of words on your website that make you sound like something you’re not. It is human nature to look to be around like-minded people. Effectively, by having a list of core values but not living and breathing them, you’re making a false promise to people who join your team.

Never be over excited about someone’s skills.

 I cannot stress this enough – you never get the full measure of a person just by looking at their skills. A CV can only tell you so much and, often, people inflate their CVs a little more than they should! You can can always teach skills; attitude is ingrained.


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