13 November 2017

ukfast office team interview working hoursHave you ever had someone come to join your business for a week’s work experience?

Did they sit and watch the rest of the team or do the tea round? Or did they join in with valuable tasks, getting real-life knowledge of what the working world is actually like?

As business owners it’s ultimately our responsibility to provide opportunities for the next generation of workers and that means investing in them. That doesn’t have to mean financially. It means putting time and effort into ensuring these young people get as much value from that week as possible.

I am proud that we have so many requests for work placements at UKFast. We even have students who want to come back for a few weeks in the summer break and one who joins us every Friday now.

Work experience is the start of a journey

It’s the start of their journey and career. It’s fascinating where that journey can lead. A few years ago we had a young man join us for a placement. He got to grips with the tech team and what support really means for our clients. He experienced different parts of the business and his feedback was fantastic. So much so that a year down the line he applied for a role as an apprentice here.

Now, he has completed his apprenticeship, along with multiple industry accreditations funded by us, and is running a key technical team within UKFast. He’s earning more than both his mum and dad too.

These experiences are often the first step on the ladder for young people. They’re making their first business relationships and finding their feet so that they can make informed decisions about whether university is right for them, or if they want a vocational qualification. It’s up to those of us already in business to help make those choices as easy as we can.


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