14 November 2017

defcon cybercrime hacking SecarmaHow cyber-safe are you? These days, online safety is as important as locking your front door – both at home and in business.

It’s fantastic, therefore, to see ITV running a week-long campaign to raise awareness around cybersecurity, hacking and the data that we rely on so heavily. The ITN team came along to UKFast Campus a few weeks ago to film our security arm Secarma. The team of hackers ran live demonstrations of just how easy it can be to hack into data.

The programmes air every night this week and also feature interviews with Secarma MD Paul and UKFast Enterprise MD Jonathan Bowers.

The series is certainly worth a watch. We can never be too prepared when it comes to security. Cyber-threats are constantly evolving and ever-changing which means our approach to security has to constantly evolve to mirror this.

Defcon hacking contest

The Secarma team recently won a zero-day competition over at the DefCon hacking contest in Las Vegas. The challenge asks the team to hack into devices with no known vulnerabilities, to compromise them remotely. Not only did the team find vulnerabilities in each device and win the challenge, they also scored more points than any other team in the past four years.

We’re using more devices than ever. Gartner predicts that 8.4 billion devices will be in use by the close of this year. Add to that the fact that anything and everything that’s connected to the internet can be hacked, and it becomes doubly important to be secure.

Take a look at what happened when ITV came to UKFast Campus

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