16 November 2017

lawrence jones ukfast speaking at the megabuyte 50 showcaseWhat a whirlwind couple of days! Gail and I have been in London to celebrate with the Megabuyte team, having scooped the Megabuyte50 Data Centre and Hosting Award. And we managed to squeeze in another visit to Number 10 Downing Street. Growth has certainly been the theme for the trip.

We joined Theresa May and a group of representatives from the tech world at Number 10. I’ve no doubt you’ll hear more about the visit in time to come but tech growth and the industry’s contribution to the economy was high on the agenda.

Dashing straight from Number 10, we headed to the Ham Yard for the Megabuyte 50 awards. In a room filled with C-suite execs from some of the country’s leading tech and financial businesses including Rothschild, we were given our trophy! It’s an incredible honour to be asked along to the Megabuyte event, never mind to win an award. The Megabuyte team are incredible analysts and these awards are handed out on facts and growth figures, nothing else, which makes them a real, credible honour.

Megabuyte 50

Unfortunately there wasn’t too much celebrating to be had afterwards considering I had to be up early this morning to speak at Megabuyte’s Private Company Showcase. Although we did pop over to my favourite restaurant for some sushi and a quick drink in The Arts Club.

The brief for the session covered topics like the history of the business, financial track record and growth plans. A brief like this makes prepping for the event a valuable experience as an entrepreneur. It’s an opportunity for Gail and me to pause and take stock of where we are at as a business. Putting pen to paper about how far we’ve grown in our 18-year history was certainly an eye-opening reminder.

It was fascinating too to hear from Philip Carse, head of research at Megabuyte. He shared their thoughts on the industry as a whole. There’s clearly huge growth in software. Interestingly, several of the speakers mentioned growth in cloud. We’ve actually seen clients bucking this trend with our dedicated server revenue growing significantly over the past year. People seem to be coming back to what they know – dedicated resources with instant scalability. I’ll be interested to see if/how this trend continues.

And to top off the visit, we popped into our new London office in SoHo to surprise the team there. The new recruits are settling in incredibly well and are excited to grow the team even further.

Now as we head back up North to UKFast Campus, I have a little time to put together a blog post and reflect on a whirlwind couple of days. One thing is for sure, I am motivated and raring to get back into the office to continue the progress we’re making!

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