17 November 2017

Children in Need pyjama day at UKFastA tradition has begun at UKFast Campus. Once a year, we all turn up at the office in our pyjamas and at the end of the day, one or more of the team gets a pie in the face! And the best part is, it’s all for a good cause.

Today is that day. I certainly had a laugh watching the team roll in this morning. Seeing various onesie tails sticking out from under winter coats or Pudsey ears perched on top of heads and catching a peek of fluffy slippers about to go on; it is safe to say that once again the team have gone all-out.

Passers-by must have thought it quite comical to see members of the team cycling in with dressing gowns or novelty onesies all flocking into UKFast Campus.

This year, we’ve put a forfeit in place – a £1 donation to come to work in your PJs or a £5 forfeit not to! Inevitably the team donate more throughout the day, and Gail and I pitch in too.

All for Children in Need

To bring an extra bit of fun to the proceedings, at Beer O’Clock – 4.30pm every Friday in the UKFast bar – the pie-ing begins!

Voting opened first thing in the morning, everyone gets to cast one vote for the person they’d most like to see get a cream pie to the face. The votes are revealed once everyone has gathered to watch, so there’s no escaping! It’s always such fun and the unfortunate pie recipients were incredible sports. I have to take my hat off to Jamie, Mick, Dave and Ryan.

We’re totting up how much we’ve raised for Children in Need this year with our fun and games, I’m sure I’ll announce that sum soon.

In the meantime if you’d like to make a donation, you can online.

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