24 November 2017

Growing up I remember hearing older people remind me just how quickly time flies.

Then one day its you who are are looking back, reflecting over what seems a blink of an eye, wondering where has all the time gone.

Today is one of those days, with my eldest daughter celebrating her 14th Birthday today.

She is an incredible daughter, just like her mum in every way, patient, kind, strong as a rock and as determined as any person I ever met.

Kids having fun on holiday in the Caribean

I have some incredible memories and moments we have shared like climbing Snowdon when she was still 5. I remember her coming back from scuba diving with Sharks, so excited. She is fearless an extraordinary skier and most of all a brilliant big sister.

It doesn’t seem that long ago the night she was born.

I have many regrets working too hard in the early years when we were establishing UKFast. Gail came into finish a VAT return hours after giving birth.

Its hard building a business and nurturing a family.  Somehow, with the support of our family and friends we have muddled through. It wasn’t long though before Tegan was helping as the next wave of little ones arrived.

I am often asked for advice and there are many things I have learned along the way. None more so than this which I regard as the most important.

A Lesson That Changed Everything

Triggered by a chance twist of fate, entombed in snow fighting for my last breath and feeling the heat of my lips as I suffocated to sleep. In that short, terrifying, lasting memory of what I thought at the time were my last seconds on this amazing planet of ours, a moment when I thought I’d never see Gail again, breathe the crisp air or see the sun, I realised that I had not amounted to anything. I had not achieved anything of note.

Waking up from that experience taught me one colossal lesson. Do more, be better, help others and leave this world better than  you found it.

So watching the girls go off to school this morning, its a proud moment.

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for the second chance I was given and for the little miracles in our lives.

Another adventurer in the making

Another adventurer in the making


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