30 November 2017

AI artificial intelligence and automationHow do you feel about automation?

The phrase is so often associated with ‘robots stealing our jobs’ that I think it has negative connotations when actually it can revolutionise a business.

We automate a lot of the processes at UKFast to free up time for teams to spend chatting with customers, problem solving and doing the parts of their jobs that they enjoy. Often automation counts for the 1% changes, like our phone system recognising a number and automatically pulling up a client’s account when they call. This means the support engineer or account manager can get straight into their file without having to search through the database. It saves seconds but when a client needs help, those few seconds can make all the difference.

Speeding up with automation

We automate as many of our processes as we can to speed up our service. It doesn’t mean cutting jobs, it means making the most of our time.

Interestingly, Ocado recently announced on the BBC that they will be introducing robots to pack delivery boxes with food and other products from next year. A friend of mine – who runs a warehouse business – has workers who are still faster than the machines he has to do the picking, thanks to the organisation of the site and making the most of AI. Perhaps that’s the answer to really harnessing the power of automation – not rolling out a fleet of robots, but combining automation with human beings to really make the most of what each can offer.

I’d love to hear how automation has impacted your business. Has it helped? How are you harnessing it? Let me know in the comments below.


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