1 December 2017

There are many things that I look forward to at this time of the year at UKFast and tonight is one of my particular favourites.

It’s our team Christmas party. We’ve transformed the top floor of the Campus to surprise everyone, to take them away from the day-to-day and into the extraordinary. It’s set to be an incredible evening but that’s not what I look forward to most.

Every year at the party, we welcome our new Five-Year Club and Ten-Year Club inductees. That means giving the members of the team who have been here for 5 years a £1,000 cheque, tax paid. And, for those who have been with us a decade, it is a £10,000 cheque, again tax-paid.

It’s a huge sum of money to hand out. Over the years we given out more than £297,500 in these cheques and the tax incurred. Tonight we add another £55,000 to that, taking the total to more than £350,000.
It is always, without fail, the proudest moment of my year at UKFast. Welcoming team mates up on to the stage in front of their colleagues and handing over this huge cheque with a hug and a handshake. Gail and I have seen just how big an impact that money has on people’s lives.

Thanking the team

The £1,000 Five-Year cheques have paid for family holidays and helped pay for a wedding,
The Ten-Year Club cheques have changed lives. The sum has paid for house deposits, IVF treatment, a car, home renovations and dream holidays.

This is one of our ways of saying thank you. Gail and I know how hard our team works. Spending ten years of your career in one business, often longer, is a huge commitment. Equally it is invaluable to the business and team too. I am proud that we do this for our team and that we are able to pause and say thank you.
Now I’ve got to go and finish signing the cheques and writing notes to this year’s recipients!

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