4 December 2017

paper round gene - Summer Jones Putting smile on my face copying me writing my blog

Summer Jones putting smile on my face copying me writing my blog – getting her practice in!

Did you have a paper round? Or a job in the local shop? As a kid, I remember having all sorts of jobs outside of the hours of school hours.

These few hours of work, even just here and there are incredibly valuable for young people.

Can you believe that the number of children with a part-time job has fallen by a fifth in the past five years?

The research, which tracks the number of licences applied for to hire staff under the age of 16 shows a dramatic decrease. Some councils are blaming the drop in people receiving newspaper deliveries to their doors – there’s simply a lack of demand for paper rounds.

Whatever the reason, it’s devastating for the economy! There are already enough concerns about young people coming into the workplace fresh out of school or even university and they simply aren’t ready for the working world.

An early experience of work and the expectations that are put on you is invaluable to set you up for your future career.

Can a paper round set you up for success?

One of the greatest things that we value at UKFast is something we call the ‘paper round gene’. I’ve found that after 30 years in business, there are certain traits that people have that set them up for success. Having a paper round as a teenager or a babysitting job, a job in the local shop or just helping out mum and dad, all builds to create the skills that make you stand out as an adult. It shows a responsibility to make your way in the world, to earn your own money and be independent. Being able to hold a job as a teen helps you to understand what work is!

I’ve also found a link between being a dynamic character and a great communicator, and having a job early on. It really is invaluable for the younger generation to have these opportunities and get a taste for the real world beyond education and the comfort of school.

I would love to hear your stories – did you have a job at a young age? How did that set you up for your future career?

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