5 December 2017

london tax brexit public sector ukfastIt is hard not to feel frustrated once again by the rolling Brexit debate. We had hoped to hear an agreed deal by close of play yesterday yet we find the matter ongoing again this afternoon.

All we need is certainty! The business world’s worst enemy is uncertainty. It forces business leaders to tighten the purse-strings and pause investments, growth or making big decisions. Who would want to make such a big call at such an uncertain time?

In my opinion, it’s simple. We just need to know what is happening and stick with it. We can deal with the outcome of the ‘deal’ as soon as we know what it is. Prolonging the process and uncertainty is doing no one any favours.

An unenviable Brexit job

Whilst I had been in the vocal Remain camp, my opinion is irrelevant at this stage. The vote was cast and a choice made, now we need to establish the consequences. One thing is for sure, it is an unenviable job!

Listening to the rabble in the House of Commons earlier today wasn’t particularly reassuring. This Brexit deal is so important and has such a wide-reaching impact that it needs to be looked at as a business matter not a political matter. There’s no room for political one-upmanship or tit-for-tat bickering like that on show over the past few days and months.

I hope that a resolution is reached by the end of the week, as promised, so that we can continue to build a strong economy for the future, rather than undoing all of the hard work already done!

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