21 December 2017

Time management - Lawrence Jones and Tony RobbinsIt’s the shortest day of the year today. Whilst nowadays that doesn’t really mean much in terms of how much shorter our active hours are, for me it comes as a milestone to check in with how I am managing my time.

Despite having a formula for scheduling and managing my time, it is still so easy to become bogged down by to-do lists, and often, I catch myself spending more time sorting out the lists than actually completing the tasks on them!

When I spot this pattern happening, there’s a great technique to fall back to. Tony Robbins has a method to cut down these to-do list jobs that you feel like you have to do, and instead, switch the focus to what you need to do to achieve your aims. It’s a shift in mindset rather than a technique to manage time.

Time management starts with why

It all starts with the outcome. It’s obvious really, and it’s something we see reflected in many of the great motivational characters like Simon Sinek’s advice of starting with ‘why’.

In its simplest form, Robbins’ technique asks simple questions; it’s the order in which they are asked that counts. Why are you completing a task? (What’s the intended result?) What do you want to achieve? (What’s the purpose? Why is it important?) What are all of the actions that you could possibly do to achieve that aim, with how long will these actions take? Then you schedule them in.

I have found this to be the most effective way of getting the job done. The best thing is, there are so many ways to customise it too. You could take the basics of the technique and make it work for you. It can be work tasks or even getting the Christmas shopping done.

Training your brain to use events like the Winter Solstice is also a great way to remind yourself to check in with your goals and time management. Gail and I have a series of these touchpoints throughout the year when we check in with our goals and look at our progress.

Have you reached your goals this year?

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