11 January 2018

HRH Prince Edward visits UKFast

HRH Prince Edward visits UKFast.

Today we’ve been honoured to have HRH The Earl of Wessex visit UKFast.

As part of a visit to Manchester Prince Edward spent a few hours touring the office and meeting a very excited UKFast team. It was extraordinary to see just how much time The Prince spent chatting with people and getting to know what they do in the business and beyond.

It shows just how interested the Royal Family are in the future of our country and to be included in an official visit is a huge honour. I suspect he doesn’t come into many businesses like this. I don’t mean that in a bragging way, rather that we run a very different style of business; we fix our own problems. When we had issues with outsourcing data centre facilities so we built our own. To aid our expansion we created our own in-house recruitment and head-hunting division. We even bought a hotel for the team when we realised how much they appreciated ski trips. Equally, I would assume that many businesses that Prince Edward visits are specialists in one thing that they do very well. UKFast actually has 12 or 13 different areas of business, many of which have spun off into their own entities.

A Royal Welcome

Walking around the office, I was filled with pride seeing how well the team represent our business and explaining with such passion and clarity about the areas in which they work. Gail, Kristina and everyone involved in the visit did a wonderful job to make it completely seamless. It’s an incredible honour to host a Royal guest!

As we walked up to the bar area for the drinks reception, you could feel the excitement in the room from the UKFasters eager to meet The Prince. In typical UKFast style, a pet dog and a baby ended up sneaking into the drinks reception – it was wonderful to see the High Sheriff’s wife, Joanne Yeung having a cuddle with our Director of People Development’s 3-month-old daughter.

When we set UKFast up 18 years ago we never imagined we’d grow to the size we are now and we certainly never imagined that we’d be receiving royal visitors. To have His Royal Highness come and take such a keen interest in what we’re doing is fantastic and it’s a day I’ll always treasure.

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