12 January 2018

UKFast webinar

The panel at one of the UKFast GDPR Webinars.

One of the greatest strengths you can have is listening to others. Hearing what people have to say and taking their knowledge on board is so simple but it can give you the advantage as an entrepreneur.

I remember years ago launching UKFast Round Tables with Jonathan, our Enterprise MD who was then leading the communications team for UKFast. We would invite experts from across the country to talk about a specific topic. We’ve since covered everything from dedicated servers and hosting, to travel and sports.

We’d always share what the panellists had to say in videos, blogs and often press releases.

The perfect platform for listening

Recently, we switched these into a live webinar format, which means we can take live questions from those who’ve tuned in to watch. Despite it being more than a decade since we launched our round tables, it is still always fascinating to hear the panellists’ thoughts on a particular area.

Last year we looked at predictions for 2018 in both cloud and cybersecurity – a great resource if you’re planning the year ahead.

Taking time in a busy world to stop and listen to what other people have to share is incredibly important, whether that’s professionally via podcasts or webinars, or personally when you’re having a conversation (rather than looking into your phone!).

I’d love to hear your thoughts, leave them in the comments below.

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