19 January 2018

ukfast office team interview working hoursThe New Year can be a time for change. That could mean new goals, a new style or even a career change.

January is the peak time for career moves and job hunting. Perhaps that’s because when you’re setting your new year’s resolutions and goals, you’re inspired to want more.

According to the Telegraph, the number of Brits looking for a new role jumped by 64% last January compared with the rest of the year. That’s a huge jump and means it’s a competitive job market out there. So how do you stand out?

I was asked this very question by my media team not too long ago and we ended up creating on a podcast about recruitment. In the podcast, I share my thoughts on how to deliver a perfect interview. It’s a handy resource if you’re heading to an interview soon.

An interview doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking

Interviews are daunting. You’re in your smartest clothes, you’re in an unfamiliar environment and your head is spinning with all of the research and practiced answers. It’s very easy to become so caught up in the nerves of the situation. Instead take some deep breaths, be calm and write down your goal for the interview – what do you want to achieve? This simple step focuses your energy.

Alongside the podcast, I recommend taking a look over my five top tips for the perfect interview, a blog post I wrote late last year to share the lessons I’ve learned over the years. We receive more than 1500 applications a month at UKFast and have held hundreds of interviews. That experience has given me an inside scoop into what makes you stand out as a candidate. Take a look at my five tips for a perfect interview.

Ultimately, choosing to go for a new career is a big move. It’s cliché but the important thing to remember is to be yourself.

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