23 January 2018


Taking some time out in Wales with UKFast MDs Gail and Jonathan.

There are very few things that make me as happy as heading to the Welsh mountains for some time away from the hustle and bustle of Manchester. Whenever I feel the pressure mounting, or I’m feeling under the weather, I am drawn to the mountains of Snowdonia.

As a Denbigh boy who went to Ruthin School, Wales is my home. I have so many happy memories there. My parents still run a hotel in Llandudno and we run UKFast team-building events in Snowdonia. So seeing #WelshHappinessDay trending on social media, I was delighted to see the outpouring of pride for our wonderful country.

Is Wales an unhappy place to be?

The social media response is a far cry from the motivation behind the BBC Radio Wales campaign. The hashtag was born after official figures showed Wales consistently falling behind the rest of the UK in terms of happiness levels.

I do worry about figures and bold statements such as this, much the same as Blue Monday last week. There should never be a stat or a day to tell us how we feel. If we’re consistently told to feel down at a certain time or place, eventually it’s going to happen! Which is why I was so happy to see so much positivity following the campaign.

For me, Wales is the happiest place in the world!

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