2 February 2018

groundhog day 2018Groundhog Day, whilst the day is a famous US tradition, over here the phrase more often than not evokes a memory of the Bill Murray film. One of my favourite movies, Groundhog Day covers the story of a reporter assigned the task of covering the groundhog ceremony.

He wakes up every single day to the same events, Groundhog Day, over and over. Until he learns from his mistakes. Which, of course, means the lesson here is not repeating your mistakes and instead, learning from them.

What can we learn from a groundhog?!

Albert Einstein famously said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” There couldn’t be a more fitting quote for the post today, and it’s absolutely common sense. Yet, why do we all too often find ourselves doing just that?

Playing regular chess has been a real teacher in this lesson for me personally. There have been many occasions where I’ve found myself falling behind in a game simply because I’ve fallen back into the same pattern I always do!

Having the ability to recognise when you’re repeating old mistakes is absolutely invaluable, especially in business. I am a huge advocate of routine and repeating positive behaviour, but you must take the time to evaluate if it is still working. If it isn’t, make a change!

Whilst Groundhog Day may be a little tongue in cheek over here in Britain, why not use it as a reminder to stop repeating the same mistakes?

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