14 February 2018

valentines 2018First things first, happy Valentine’s Day! Did you wake up this morning struck by Cupid’s arrow, or where you already sick of this Valentine’s nonsense?

Whether you subscribe to the commotion around 14th February or not, there’s no denying the joy that being a bit kinder and a little more thoughtful to those we love brings.

It’s all too easy when you’re in a busy job to forget to switch off. You build momentum throughout the day or week and you, naturally, want to keep it rolling. There’s a to-do list longer than your arm and not enough hours in the day. We’re so well connected these days that it becomes almost impossible to leave the office at the office.

Valentine’s Day is about more than red roses

I’ve heard advice being shared that suggests to be a success in your business or career you have to work 24/7 and sacrifice your relationships. That’s the absolute worst thing you can do! We all need human connections for our wellbeing. In fact, when you connect with someone, your brain releases hormones that make you happy. We need sounding boards for ideas and a supportive shoulder when times are hard. Without this it is impossible to lead a healthy, happy life. It’s that simple.

Today is the perfect opportunity to step away from work, put down your smartphone and spend time with the people who are most important to you.

You don’t need to be swept away by the commercial side of the day, worrying about red roses or boxes of chocolates. It’s your time that matters the most, and who you choose to spend that time with.

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