19 February 2018

A Royal Welcome, UKFast's training and education team meets the Earl of Wessex.

Discussing our committment to training and education with the Earl of Wessex on His Royal Highness’ recent visit to UKFast Campus.

Inspiring others is one of the greatest challenges that a business leader can face. That doesn’t necessarily mean being a Tony Robbins- or Oprah Winfrey-style character. You don’t have to be a bold character on a stage.

Being an inspirational business leader means inspiring the team around you to want to do the very best that they can. Your role is to motivate people to be a real part of the culture and team.

I learned a long time ago that money isn’t the best motivator. I’d read this in one of the many business books and thought that I would put it to the test. I quickly learned that money can only motivate and inspire people so far. It would be easy to dismiss this as nonsense, when you consider so many people are striving toward their next pay rise. However, when you hit barriers within your career or when you begin to earn a certain salary, money doesn’t drive that engine anymore.

Looking at some of the world’s most successful people, they have one common trait: they never stop learning. Ultimately in nature, you’re either growing or you’re dying. It is that simple.

Inspiration comes from development

When we hired our training team of former school teachers, I quickly learned that development is the biggest motivator. You can feel the energy when people are learning something new and growing with it.

Interesting to hear Theresa May saying today that we need a shift in attitude when it comes to university. There’s no need for everyone to feel pressured into going into university after school. There are so many more viable options for further education these days, particularly apprenticeships. There are plenty of options for young people to continue learning without having the financial burdens that are often placed upon them by studying for a degree.

UKFast Director of Training and Development, Aaron Saxton

Aaron, our director of training and development teaching some of the UKFast team.

We’re continuing to grow our education department to cater exactly for those young people who want to learn more skills and develop themselves but don’t want to take the university route. Alongside this, we’re ensuring that our existing team are continually offered opportunities to develop further too. The team have sat and passed exams on everything from the deepest Linux knowledge to Teeline shorthand!
We pride ourselves on our education department and our commitment to helping people grow. I believe that that plays a huge part in the energy you feel around UKFast Campus.

For me, you inspire the people around you by helping them to learn and develop themselves.

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