23 February 2018

Business Growth - Lawrence Jones MBE discusses feedback, communicating and body language in businessAre you too proud to ask for advice?

One of the greatest lessons I have learned and continue to learn is the value of other people’s knowledge and experience.

It is incredible how different perceptions of the same experience can be from different viewpoints. Equally we all have different journeys and experiences along the way.

As business leaders, it’s easy to take everything on your own shoulders and try to be all things to all people. In fact, one of the most valuable things you can do is pause and listen to others.

This is particularly relevant in the technology industry. The pace of change in all areas of tech is extraordinary, it’s almost impossible to keep up with.

First-hand advice

One of the greatest challenges is knowing how to use tech to your advantage, to meet your needs, rather than because they’re the biggest trends. We see so many people jumping on a bandwagon because it seems like the best thing to do. In fact, it can be a costly mistake.

We’ve seen this happen with cloud in particular. Interestingly, the UKFast team has been inspired by feedback along these lines to create an event to directly address cloud technology, what to expect in the coming year and as a place for people to seek expert advice.

Cloud UK Live has been running for a couple of years now and is back in both London and Manchester next month. I know that spaces are limited, but there are some still available if you’d like to book here. It’s free and brings together some real experts in the industry to directly address your questions around cloud.

It’s events and opportunities like these that can prove incredibly valuable to those at the helm of growing businesses who are looking to make big decisions about their tech but need to know more than just the sales info. First-hand, real-world conversations make the real difference in any area of business.

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