1 March 2018

lawrence jones verbier in the snow

On the slopes of Verbier this year.

The snow has caused havoc all week and is set to continue well into the weekend. It wasn’t such a bad thing for police in Macclesfield though.

I was invited to join the BBC Radio Manchester Breakfast Show team at MediaCityUK this morning to review the papers. Page after page, the news was sadness, anger, fear and everything negative in between! Weather, Brexit, the failure of more High Street names.

In all honesty, we struggled to find anything uplifting to talk about. Until we erupted into peals of laughter!

A couple of would-be criminals had made away with stolen goods from a van and hiding from the police. How did the police find them? They followed theirfootsteps in the snow!

What a fantastic, simple story to bring a little fun into the day! Although, it’s not so much fun for the criminals!

Snow storms

Seeing the chaos caused by the weather, it’s easy to become frustrated. When you look at other countries across the world who cope with significantly worse weather it does seem bizarre that year on year, we’re not prepared for a big freeze here in Britain.

In Switzerland, traffic keeps moving throughout winter because people are prepared for it with winter tyres. Plus they’ve had plenty of practice. I suppose for us here, these bursts of bad weather are so short and far between that we somehow forget how we’re supposed to react.

As more ‘Red’ weather warnings come into action this afternoon, I hope you’re all staying safe and warm. Don’t let the winter blues set in!

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