20 March 2018

International Happiness Day

One of our mums and UKFast Kids in the office. Having flexibility around children in the office relieves a huge amount of pressure from parents.

Many times a day we ask and hear the question, “Are you OK?” but how often do you ask yourself and others, “Are you happy?”

There’s a huge difference between being OK and being happy. I don’t think we Brits are particularly good at checking in with our happiness levels. We’re more in line with ‘stiff upper lip’ thinking.

Inevitably, we all have down days and we’re good at recognising these but what about the good days? Do you remember what triggered a great day? When were you last in a fantastic mood?

When we recognise what drives this positivity, we make it happen more!

Interestingly, just 29% of Brits think that the UK is a happy place to live. The reasons why are all terribly British and certainly raised a smile for me as I read through them. The list includes rudeness, the weather, queues and moaners. Politics was also a popular reason for general unhappiness.

International Happiness Day

Today is International Happiness Day and BBC Radio came into the office to interview myself and some of the team about being happy in the workplace. The interview really got me thinking. It is seen as an unusual thing to promote happiness in the workplace – why is that?Running club UKFast - a healthy lifestyle promotes happiness

We spend a third of our lives asleep, a third on leisure and a third at work. Why would we not want to make sure that the time we spend at work is filled with fun and happiness too?

It’s business owners’ responsibility to create a place where people enjoy being for such a huge portion of their lives.

If your job doesn’t make you happy, you need to make a change. If you’re not happy or passionate about something, you can’t be successful at it. It’s as simple as that!

So today, when the news is filled with negativity around Russia, Brexit, rhinos and terror, here are some cheerier stories…

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