23 March 2018

Rowing solo around the world - Kiko

The incredible Kiko – Image from @kikomatthews 

Have you ever felt brow-beaten? Down-trodden? Motivation at an all-time low?

When the weather is grey, our health is up and down, or we’re feeling a little stressed, it’s all too easy to feel low and lose your energy. It’s natural to slip into the attitude that you just ‘can’t do it’.

So, I thought today I’d share a story of real inspiration.

Imagine if a year ago you’d never picked up an oar, nevermind rowed anywhere. Now imagine being faced with rowing solo across the Atlantic. Add to that, you’ve recovered from two tumours and a life-threatening illness. It’s unthinkable, isn’t it?

Not for Brit Kiko Matthews. Ms Matthews has just smashed the world record for the fastest woman to row solo across the Atlantic, raising money for charity. She took 50 days, rowing 16 hours a day to get from Gran Canaria to Barbados. It’s astonishing!

Rowing resilience

Reading about her story earlier today I couldn’t help but be moved by her extraordinary resilience.

In a world where the news and media are predominantly negative, it’s uplifting to hear of Ms Matthews’ remarkable journey.

She is quoted by the Times saying: “I didn’t get scared by the adverse conditions, I just got on with things. What can you do about it? You have no choice but to carry on, like in life.”

This level of resilience is rare, yet is something that will stand anyone well in life, in all circumstances. It’s hard to imagine rowing across the ocean on your own for 50 days. It’s even more difficult to imagine having to face recovering from such harsh and repeated health conditions. Together, these two could be a recipe for disaster for anyone. Instead, Ms Matthews chose to power through, to fight and to win.

I found her story truly motivating and look forward to hearing about her next adventure.

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