30 March 2018

switching off with friends and family

Switching off with friends and family.

Happy Bank Holiday weekend! Are you lucky enough to be enjoying a four-day weekend?

If you are make sure you’re taking the time to switch off. I have overheard several people proudly announcing that the four-day weekend is a chance to catch up on all of the tasks that they haven’t had time to do in the office. That certainly isn’t something to be proud of!

I remember many years ago proudly announcing that I hadn’t taken a holiday for nine years and that I never took a day off. I worked 24/7/365. That’s what I thought I needed to be successful.

It took some sage advice from a member of my family to make me realise that time off is, in fact, essential. 

Switching off

This was more than a decade ago. Now, in our ultra-connected world, it is even harder to take some time off. How do you leave work in the office when you carry a computer around in your pocket, next to your bed and in the bathroom with you!?

We’re constantly nudged by notifications; by people and technology demanding our time. When you think about it, we’re training our brains to behave in an entirely different way. There’s constant stimulation. We’re never stopping to think, to relax and switch off.

You’re actually more productive when you take the time to rest your mind.  Think about it; when you’re exhausted and burnt out, are you outputting the same level of productivity? I very much doubt it.

So this Easter, pause. Take some time. Be with your friends and family. Read a book, go for a walk or a run. Do something that stops you thinking about your work or business for a little while. I guarantee that you’ll be amazed come Tuesday morning by how much energy you bring to the office and how inspired you are to get back to it.

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