13 April 2018

the greatest advice i can giveWhat does it take to be an entrepreneur? What’s the secret of success? How do you make a million?

I must receive hundreds of messages via social media each week asking these questions and more. That’s why I write these posts, in the hope of answering some of your questions and helping you on your journey.

Having spent 30 years in business, I have learned some truly valuable lessons. And, honestly, I’ve made some mistakes that I’ve learned from too. One of the greatest lessons that I learned was to accept help from others: One person can’t do everything or be everything to everyone. It’s impossible.

We all have our own skillsets and passions, when you combine your strengths with those of others who have skills in different areas, you’re guaranteed a powerful formula for success.

I’ve also discovered the value of learning from others – from peers, from success stories like Richard Branson, and from the people around me.

Over the past three weeks, I’ve written a series called The Greatest Advice I Can Ever Give You. I have no doubt that these three posts don’t cover even half of the elements to my magic formula. Nor the lessons that I’ve learned along the way, but they’re a good start.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these posts, and the lessons hat you’ve learned along your own journeys too.

If you have some time over the weekend, put the kettle on, take some time out and have a read through. Let me know what you think.

The Greatest Advice I Can Ever Give You

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