24 April 2018

Lawrence Jones MBE - perspective and motivation

Taking in the world from a new perspective in the mountains.

I recently read a quote from Marissa Mayer in which she said:

“Being a mom has changed a lot of my perspectives in life.

“There’s a great children’s book called “Rosie Revere, Engineer,” about this little girl named Rosie who likes to build things. The rhyme that comes at the end is:

“‘Life might have its failures, but this was not it. The only true failure can come if you quit.’

“You’ve just got to keep at it.”

We often hear the clichés around the only way to fail being to quit, but it’s certainly true. You can make mistakes, fall down, reach the end of your tether, as long as you keep going.

It’s a hard lesson to learn in business, especially when the pressure builds and you’re ready to throw in the towel. I’m told that I have rhinoceros skin and am incredibly resilient but I’ve reached those points where I’ve become overwhelmed and been tempted to call it a day.

It’s at these times that knowing your purpose is essential. Remember why you are on the path that you’re on. What do you want to achieve? Ultimately that’s the only thing that will keep you moving when times become tough.

A shift in perspective

It’s interesting that this quote comes from a children’s book. Children have an incredible perspective on the world that often as adults we simply can’t see – they understand the world in a different way.

As the father of four daughters there are so many occasions that I can recall when my girls have switched my viewpoint on a situation. They are also always asking ‘why?’. I must hear the word why about a thousand times a day in my house!

But it is this word that feeds curiosity; it drives you onto the next adventure and keeps you moving towards the ultimate goal you’re aiming for. You simply can’t give up on something when you understand exactly why you’re doing it. It’s that simple.

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