4 May 2018

Star Wars may the Fourth be with you - beliefInspiration and motivation lies all around us – in the books we read, the people we spend time with and in the films we watch. None so much, surprisingly, as in a galaxy far, far away.

A long time ago, a small, wise, green Jedi shared pearls of wisdom through a space opera saga that continues to have real-world value to this day. Whether intergalactic wars are your cup of tea or not, there’s no denying the impact of one of Yoda’s famous statements in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and there’s no better time to remind us of that than on Star Wars Day.

As a shocked Luke says: “I don’t believe it,” Yoda simply says: “That is why you fail.”

In the depths of space or here in the real world, belief is absolutely essential to any goal you want to achieve in life. As soon as you let doubt creep in, you’re significantly more likely to fail.

Self-belief is the only thing that makes us successful; if you think about it, everything in life starts with a simple thought. What you believe impacts your mood, your motivation, your approach and your chances of success.

Belief is everything

Consider this. You’re about to climb a mountain, you’re ready to go. You have two choices. Option one: you believe that it’s a challenge that’s too hard, you’re certain that it’s going to be difficult and you won’t reach the top. In this mind-set, you’re acutely aware of how difficult the climb is, of every ache and pain. Your shoulders are slumped, your heart rate is low, as is your mood. Or, you believe you can reach the top. You’re excited to get there, your shoulders are back, your heart is pumping and whilst it is difficult along the way, you know how great it’s going to feel when you reach the summit.

How likely are you to reach the top in each scenario? Of course, when you believe that you can do it, it impacts every part of you mentally and physically and you’re much more likely to succeed. Belief is everything!

So today, if you’re low on energy at the end of the week, you’re struggling to reach your goal, stop! Remember Yoda’s wise words and believe in yourself.

May the fourth be with you!

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