4 June 2018

UKFast - culture and core valuesI am asked quite often how important core values are. They’re something that we put a lot of weight behind at UKFast. If you ask anyone in the team, they will tell you our core values in an instant. We all know them and we all live by them – it’s fascinating really. I wonder if the reason why they are so intrinsic to our business is because the team themselves chose them.

More than 13 years ago we ran an exercise to establish the values we believe are the most important at UKFast.

Since then, these core values have become how we recruit for the business. We’ve always recruited like-minded people but in having these five values, we have an identity; we know the ideal candidate we’re looking for.

Values to live and breathe

These five simple words sum up everything that we are and everything that we believe in. What are they? Passionate, professional, dynamic, innovative and supportive.
These aren’t just buzzwords on a wall or a website. They aren’t just words that have been dreamt up by an agency or marketing team. These are truly authentic values that run through the very heart of all that we do as a business.

When you just have values that you talk about but don’t really live, you’re very quickly found out. These values set expectations for how you deliver service and what your team stands for. If, in fact, you don’t live and breathe them, clients quickly realise and this can do an inordinate amount of damage to your brand.

Choosing our core values gave us a real understanding of who we are as a business and who we strive to be; and, in turn, gave our customers that too.

One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced is when we have acquired a business that already has a culture. When have a particular culture at UKFast and it’s quite unique, how do you integrate the two? I’m still learning the answers – perhaps the reason big businesses lose their culture is because they’ve become a pastiche of other businesses that have been absorbed into one bigger culture? Perhaps there’s not enough focus on encouraging a culture of collaboration? I don’t have the answers but I do know that once you find your identity and you set those expectations for your clients, it’s essential that you reflect them in everything you do.

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