11 June 2018

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” – Tim Notke

Climbing Mount Snowdon - it's not your talent that counts, it's your attitude!

Climbing Mount Snowdon

It’s an age-old battle isn’t it: the talented worker who doesn’t put in the effort and the one who puts in huge amounts of effort but isn’t as talented. Who would you rather have on your team?

At UKFast we call it skills vs attitude, and attitude wins every time.

We can always teach new skillsets and qualifications, you can’t teach attitude. Being open to learning, to hard work and to being enthusiastic at the same time is invaluable.
Too much weight is put on CVs when recruiting new people. A piece of paper listing qualifications and experience simply cannot give you the full measure of a person. For many years, we’ve recruited with the help of psychometric tests.

These simple multiple choice questions give an idea of how a person is motivated and how they learn. But, just like CVs, this test can’t give you the whole picture. You really get to know a person’s attitude, and particularly their potential as a leader, when they’re out of their comfort zone. This is where our training centre in Wales comes in.

Attitude vs skills

The lodge, in the heart of the Snowdonia National Park, has been our home away from home for many years. Here we take new members of the team to climb the mountain, build and race rafts around the lake and run a 10km race through the forest. While it sounds like a gruelling challenge, it’s actually all about mindset. The future managers and leaders are those who approach the trip by supporting others, having fun and putting in the effort. The people who stand out are not the super fit, fastest runners; it’s the people at the back, pushing themselves to achieve their goals.

I would have a team of a hundred of these characters over naturally talented people who don’t have to try, any day.

Ultimately talent counts for nothing if the right attitude isn’t there to put it to good use.

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