14 June 2018


UKFast is certainly a unique place to be! One of our football parties at UKFast Campus.

At a time when we’re so divided as a country, it’s amazing to see how a simple matter of football can bring people together again!

It might only be for a few weeks and, usually ends in collective disappointment for British football fans, but there’s no denying the impact that the World Cup has. Whilst it’s not everyone’s preferred sport, it’s great to see businesses decorating the offices with flags and bunting, to see the cars with St George’s flags waving in the wind and to hear the conversations about our chances across the country.

For once, we’re not talking about Brexit! We’ve had two years of bickering and division, who is leave, who is remain, who is in the middle! It’s all becoming a huge distraction and another reason for people to become divided.

The power of football!

Invariably, I am a rugby man rather than football, but I can’t help but become swept up in the fun of a World Cup. BBC Radio Manchester were over at UKFast yesterday morning asking our Enterprise MD Jonathan about our car-park beach and what we’re doing with the team for the World Cup.

Of course, it’s a little trickier for businesses to get involved this year as the fixtures mean England matches fall outside of standard working hours. For recent tournaments, we’ve held a screening party. The best one we’ve done – by a mile – was our England v Wales grudge match. Considering how many of the team are Welsh, including myself, the match was certainly an entertaining 90 minutes!

So for the next four weeks, politics aside, we can join together to enjoy a bit of fun and hopefully have something to celebrate by the time the final comes around!

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