22 June 2018

Bring Your Dog to WorkThere is one thing that is guaranteed to start a conversation in the office between teams who’d never normally interact: a dog.

I have never seen such commotion as when there is a new puppy in the office for the first time!

Whilst some would say that dogs in the office inevitably cause a huge distraction, the opposite is in fact true. Some time ago we trialled having dogs in the office every day. It started as an unofficial rule where one or two dogs came in for a couple of days.

Of course, within a few weeks, more people brought in their pets and now, we have dogs on every floor in every department.

Dog-friendly workplace

Many of the team had put off getting a pet because they didn’t want to leave it alone all day. With the ability to bring pets into work, suddenly there was much more freedom to add a four-legged family member.

Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Puppy Chi trying his luck at the UKFast Crufts competition on our beach.

We, of course, have ‘petiquette’ rules, to make sure that any dogs in the office are well behaved. Not only does having this freedom mean that the team save money on doggy day care, there is also less stress on the pet and owner caused by leaving them alone all day.

There are also benefits to the team as a whole. Pets promote positive social interactions – the perfect conversation starter! Research has also shown that having pets in the workplace reduces stress and makes the team feel more relaxed.

It’s win win!

So whilst today might be a fun day, it could be a good testbed to see how to create a more flexible, pet-friendly workplace in the future.

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