29 June 2018

Worldcup anticsDid you watch the England match last night?

Following two incredible performances with a record-breaking scoreline too, last night’s World Cup match wasn’t England’s finest hour. I wonder if that’s because of all the talk around losing in the buildup to the match.

Much of the media coverage speculated on whether the team and manager Gareth Southgate would throw the game. Losing meant England would avoid playing some of the football heavyweights in the next round, guaranteeing a supposed easy route to the next stage of the competition.

Southgate refuted the claims, saying he’s instilling a ‘winning mentality’ into the team. That was certainly clear in the two previous matches, so what changed last night? Of course, there were changes to the line up, and they were facing a tougher team than the previous two opponents, but that belief simply wasn’t there.

I am a huge believer that mindset dictates success and failure. When you believe that you can achieve something, nothing will stop you. It’s that simple.

When the conversation is anything but positive, that’s when wobbles happen. If the England team heard the constant talk of losing being a positive in the long run, that’s naturally going to shake their belief in beating Belgium last night.

Ironically, in the long run, maintaining a winning mindset would help them much more throughout the tournament than avoiding the big name teams.

Belief and mindset are the difference between success and failure

So how do you cope with negative conversations like this? There’s no doubt it’s a daunting task when the world is talking about football and everyone has an opinion. But it all comes down to what each individual believes about themselves. I remember being told that I would never make it as a business person. That I wasn’t the right character for it. I knew that they were wrong. After my avalanche, I knew that I was put on this planet to make a difference to other people’s lives and nothing could stop me on that journey. It’s about more than my own success. This belief is what drives me every single day.

Over the years people have been shocked by my drive and attitude, I’m often called a rhinoceros because of it! Having that strength of mind and focus is the single most important lesson I’ve learned both personally and professionally.

Every single motivational speaker, mindset and lifestyle coach talks about the power of belief. Whether that’s framed around having a strong reason why you do what you do to power your belief, or having strength in your own convictions.

Football fans across the country are calling this England’s year to win the cup. It could well be and the team’s belief in that will play a huge part in the outcome.

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