2 July 2018

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Taking part in a photoshoot for the Financial Times with our training team and apprentices.

Warren Buffet once said: “The more you learn, the more you earn.”

The famous motivational speaker and business magnate, is certainly onto something but I don’t think he solely means earning more money.

I used to think that the greatest motivator was money. Bonuses, incentives and salary increases were the main ways, I believed, to drive a team and help them to grow. How wrong I was.
Years down the line, we pay the team well and still offer bonuses and incentives including a £10,000 bonus for ten-years in the business. But now I understand that the greatest motivator is, by far, personal development.

Investing in people

Investing in people is by far the greatest way to motivate your team – there are no two ways about it. We have had around five exam passes a week every week this year. That’s everything from industry-recognised technical certifications to NCTJ journalism qualifications such as shorthand.

All training and exams are held in house too, as we have a certified Pearson Vue, CompTIA and LPIC-approved testing centre. Offering exams on site means we’re able to offer even more to our team at greater ease.

I am not surprised therefore to read that more young people are favouring apprenticeships over university. A new survey showed that nearly two thirds of young people would be interested in starting an apprenticeship over going to university.

Not only does an apprenticeship mean that young people are earning while they’re learning, I would also argue that the amount that they learn is significantly greater too. Alongside traditional learning, apprentices are gaining experience of the workplace. They are getting their foot on the career ladder and immediately putting learned theory into practice. Their development curves are extraordinary!

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