3 July 2018

UKFast community and education

Our director of CSR with some of the fantastic children at Holy Name School Moss Side.

Young people are the leaders of the future. The people who will take our country forward in years to come; those who will drive change, who will make the world a better place. Some of them are doing that already.

From extraordinary sports stars to young entrepreneurs, to young carers – so many young people are the unsung heroes of today, as well as the future.

As a father of four daughters, who spend their days having fun, doing homework and being kids, it’s hard to imagine childhoods that young people experience when they’re caring for a parent or sibling; when they’re looking after the household. Right on our doorstep, young people are looking after their families.

Equally, there are children in extraordinary situations, battling illness, living in unthinkable circumstances, and overcoming them all to make a change to the lives of not only themselves but of those around them.

Celebrating the community

Hearing stories of these incredible young people, of the amazing teachers who support children throughout school and go far beyond their remit, the budding entrepreneurs and future sports stars, I knew we needed to do more.

Speaking with our events team and director of CSR, we came up with a plan to launch a new event specifically to thank these extraordinary characters.

So, is there someone in your secondary or primary school who always goes above and beyond to make the world a better place? Is there someone who has offered you a helping hand when you needed it more than ever? Whoever your community and education hero is, we’re here to celebrate them with you.

Entries for the awards close today, you can submit your nominations via the website until the end of the day. The winners are announced at the inaugural awards ceremony at UKFast Campus on July 11th.

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