13 July 2018

trish, Patricia Keating, from Tech Manchester

Tech Manchester’s Trish

Just over a year ago a powerhouse named Trish Keating bowled me over.

Living in Belfast at the time, Trish was looking for a new adventure. As we sat around our dinner table at home, to say she had the gift of the gab would be a massive understatement!

I knew from that moment that Trish was the perfect person to take on a new challenge. I remember being in a meeting with Sir Howard Bernstein, then Chief Executive of Manchester City Council. He expressed a desire to join Manchester’s tech communities with one facilitator. To create a go-to link between every area of Manchester’s tech scene. Looking around the table, he added: “I had hoped that you would take it on, Lawrence.” No pressure!

From that moment, we had a mission to achieve. Starting the project was no mean feat. The right character had to spearhead it. Chatting with Trish, the pieces began to fall into place.

Within weeks, Trish set up camp in Manchester and literally hit the ground running. In the year since, she’s immersed herself into the community. With Tech Manchester, Trish has launched an extraordinary mentoring scheme, linked startups with funding. She’s also begun development on a new accelerator space, and even found time to travel to China to run the Great Wall Marathon!

For growing tech firms

With Trish as its engine, Tech Manchester has evolved into an extraordinary initiative that brings real-life support to startups and growing tech firms. When we first launched, there were questions about whether we really needed another tech support group in Manchester. There are a number of fantastic groups like Manchester Digital, Techcelerate and Tech Nation; powerhouses like Naomi Timperley (listed on Computer Weekly’s 2018 Power List) and Volker Hirsch of Tech North Advocates. Tech Manchester has put together a list on Wakelet, of course, it’s not exhaustive so if you’re missing from the list, please do let Trish know. With Tech Manchester we’re able to learn where there are gaps between these and help Manchester to become the number one tech city in the UK and beyond.

This week we also announced that Trish is now officially a director. There is no greater achievement as a leader than finding extraordinary characters, empowering them with a project and being able to reward their success. Announcing Trish as a director is culmination of a year of discovering exactly what’s needed within the community and delivering it.

Tech Manchester and its impact are growing, one year it has gained incredible momentum.

Thank you to everyone who has joined the mentor programme, who has engaged with us for support and who has welcomed us to the Manchester tech scene.

We’re on a mission, and we’re just getting started.

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