17 July 2018

Business adviceWhere do you find advice? As a business person, an entrepreneur or someone striving toward a goal, inevitably you’ll be better placed to achieve your aims if you take the advice of others.

I remember as a young man being fairly stubborn about this. It’s all too easy to believe that you’re the only one who knows what’s best for your business. To hear other people’s points of view and feedback is actually incredibly valuable.

When you’re working day in, day out, often you’re too close to the business to see where you could improve. It can also be hard to accept criticism of something that you’re pouring your whole life into. However, when you accept that criticism isn’t personal, it’s productive, you then find that you learn something new every single day.

Shared experience

Once I realised this, I spent a huge number of hours reading books and listening to other entrepreneurs. I travelled the world to seek out the people at the top of their game. On that journey I met Tony Robbins who taught me about leadership and mindset. I sought out the learnings of Earl Nightingale, one of Tony Robbins’ inspirations. And I learned from sales legend Chet Holmes.

I also sought out other entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson. One of the most valuable business experiences I’ve ever had was spending two hours and more at a time running on the beach with Branson asking him questions and listening to his stories.

Now, I listen to podcasts, I seek out inspiration on social media and continue to learn from my peers through friendship groups and events.

These relationships and lessons have in no small part helped the business to grow as it has. Of course, we’ve had some pitfalls along the way but we’ve certainly avoided many more thanks to the lessons and experiences of others.

The best advice

Having experienced the value of learning from others, I began to share my experiences. That’s why I share these posts and weekly longer blogs, why you’ll see me in front of the camera now and then, and why a year ago we launched a podcast.

The podcast is now one of the top business podcasts on iTunes. Recording these is a hugely valuable experience for myself too – it forces me to pause and reflect on the lessons I’ve learned and our journey so far. Listen to the latest episode here and let me know what you think.

Ultimately the best advice you can get in business is from those who’ve been in your shoes, from your peers. Never be afraid to ask a question, never be too proud to advice. And, share your own advice too. You never know who you might help or inspire.

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