24 July 2018

Business advice, confidence, goal setting, mindsetDo you ever feel out of place?

Not only can being an entrepreneur feel incredibly lonely at times, it also puts you in a number of positions that you may not have experienced before. It’s all too easy to then feel as if you don’t belong there.

Whilst to the outside, entrepreneurs are often perceived as infallibly confident individuals, there is still room for doubt to creep in. After decades in business, these occasions are fewer and farther between, but as a startup, it’s inevitable to feel this way at some time or another. It’s often joked that I have rhinoceros skin because very little can shake my belief once I am on a mission, so how do you get that confidence boost?

Remember your successes!

It’s all too easy to forget just how far you’ve come since you started out in business. Even as a startup, a month can be a hugely transformative period. When I look back over my 30 years in business, whilst I am the same person, in many ways I am completely different. Some would say I’ve mellowed, others would say I am even more passionate now than I once was!

Look at where you’re aiming, look at how far you’ve come and make sure you celebrate along the way!

Step out of your comfort zone

The more you step out of your comfort zone, the less scary it becomes. As humans, we’re naturally creatures of habit, but as entrepreneurs it is essential to break those habits and find new ways of doing things. You can only do that when you stretch yourself and leave your comfort zone behind.


It’s the simplest of changes but if you’re in a situation in which you feel uncomfortable or out of your depth, check in with your posture. Tony Robbins describes how your posture and how you hold yourself – your physiology – ultimately affects your mental state too.

When you are confident and comfortable, you hold your head high, your shoulders are back and you maintain eye contact. If you find yourself doing the opposite, stop, and change your state. Look people in the eye, straighten your back and mimic the posture you’d have if you were comfortable. More often than not, this ultimately means you end up feeling more confident.

Be clear about your purpose

When you know why you do what you do, the fear of criticism isn’t such a big deal anymore. When you have complete belief in, are 100% comfortable with and are driven by your purpose it is impossible for anyone to knock you from that path or shake your belief.

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