25 July 2018

Building momentum in business with a business war room.

One of the groups in the war room earlier today.

When you have a huge project how do you approach it?

Often big projects, something without a set deadline, fall by the wayside. When tackling these huge projects or goals that seem like such insurmountable tasks, it can be hard to maintain momentum chipping away at it when taking a fragmented approach. People in different teams across different areas of the business working on a project together but sitting in separate spaces are never going to be motivated to push forward to get the job done. I’ve found that, more often than not, these big tasks are replaced by the small tasks. Ignored over tasks that have a more urgent deadline and are more fun to tick off the list.

That’s why we take a leaf out of Winston Churchill’s book and run a war room. Churchill was renowned for taking the Cabinet into an underground bunker. This allowed our country’s leaders to lock themselves away and plot Britain’s route to victory in the Second World War. Sealed away from the rest of the world – and of course from the air raids – these rooms removed distraction. Everyone who needed to be there was there, together in one room. All of the expertise needed to get the job done, in one place.

It is an approach we’ve always taken in business. When a task needs completing, we head into the board room, set up a bank of computers and get to work.

Having all of the relevant people in the room at the same time is guaranteed to create the momentum to get the job done. You can solve the quick wins and make big decisions. It’s easier to tackle the ‘low-hanging fruit’ jobs and race through whatever needs doing.

Invariably, you’ll never solve all of the issues in one day. But, you will certainly create the momentum needed to complete the task. You’ll also make sure that every person or team that needs to be is focussed and re-energised.


Have you read the motivational book Eat That Frog? The book talks about tackling the biggest job of the day first thing in a morning. The job that you’re not excited about, that’s draining your energy. It’s based on the concept that you eat a frog first thing in a morning. Everything after that is going to seem much easier than having to eat a frog!

We set up a bank of computers to get the job done there and then!

We set up a bank of computers to get the job done there and then!

The idea of a war room ties directly into this. Instead of procrastinating around a big task, you get everyone together in one room to tackle it and eat that frog!

You might notice that today’s blog is a little later than usual. That’s because today we had a war room. Every now and then we get together to run through marketing and creative. The energy when everyone is in one space working on the same task is extraordinary!

We had one group sketching things out on a giant flip-pad. Another were furiously typing away. Others were reviewing copy and content, whilst our design team coded in new elements of the website. There is nothing more productive than getting everyone together on the same brief.

Ultimately, we ended a productive day full of energy – with everyone chipping in; UKFast MDs Gail and Jonathan, and myself included!

So the next time you need to get creative or take on a big task, try out the war room concept. I’d love to know how you get on.

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