3 August 2018

Steve Jobs quote - AppleTech giant Apple yesterday made history, becoming the world’s first trillion-dollar firm.

Beating Jeff Bezos’ Amazon to the milestone, Apple continues to dominate the tech space, just a week or so after Facebook received the honour of the worst one-day loss in US stock market history.

Incredibly Apple stock has grown 50,000% since the company first listed in 1980, 1100% since the launch of the first iPhone. It’s extraordinary.

Reuters calls them an ‘architect of the mobile revolution’, whilst many credit them as the brains and style behind the app economy.

So what makes them so special?

Many say it’s all down to Steve Jobs’ vision. The creative genius behind the iPod, the iPhone and iPad, undeniably shaped the Apple that we know today. This paired with Tim Cook’s business prowess has undoubtedly seen the tech firm skyrocket to the record-breaking level it is today.

Brand v product

Many more technically advanced and capable products have simply fallen by the wayside because they don’t have the UX, the style and the association that Apple has. Even as critics complain that the company has lost its edge since Steve Jobs passed away, Apple continues to be the go-to brand for consumer technology. Whilst the tablet market is falling and Apple is about to be pipped to the global second spot in the smartphone stakes, it is still Apple that continues to draw attention. Its WWDC events are a phenomenon!

Apple created a community – a club – like being one of the cool kids at school. It’s not necessarily about what they’re selling, it’s about how it makes you feel. Their products are ‘aspirational’ – they’re the epitome of selling a lifestyle rather than just a product. Looking at the early iPod ads, of course you’d want to be part of that club!

Equally the products are exceptional – they’re incredibly easy to use, they integrate with other Apple products seamlessly. Equally, they don’t pair well with other tech, if you have one Apple product, you have to work with other Apple products – from the lightning ports to iTunes and the app store.

It seems that once you’re an Apple fan, you’re a fan for life. The seamless UX and stylish design seemingly overrules technical advantages of other manufacturers.

I have often said that products change but your brand always stays the same. Apple’s success is a reminder that business success isn’t about predicting the future, it’s about creating a brand that people trust, that they know represents quality and reliability – and that they want to be a part of no matter what you’re selling.

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