24 August 2018

Manchester PrideThis weekend the rainbow flags are taking over Manchester. Everywhere you look, there are the brightest of colours, all ready to celebrate Manchester Pride.

Arguably the biggest celebration in the city, Manchester Pride brings together the whole community to show acceptance, promote diversity and celebrate our incredible LGBT+ community.

Every year, the streets are lined with crowds waving flags, cheering and celebrating. It’s an absolutely incredible sight to see.

This year, the LGBT+ club at UKFast came to Gail and myself to propose that we join the epic Pride Parade. As a business, whilst we’ve held our Pride Party, we’ve never participated in the parade before, other than individually. Being the size that we now are, and being closely connected with the community, we knew that this year was the right time to get involved.

Within a heartbeat, the team sprang into action planning, designed and filling out the necessary forms. So, tomorrow, be ready to see Team UKFast proudly atop a custom-made float, handing out all manner of goodies to celebrate our amazing LGBT+ friends.

Circus of Acceptance

Whilst I am currently on holiday in Verbier, the team have been keeping me updated with progress of the float coming to life, and it looks like they have had an absolute ball creating our ‘Circus of Acceptance’ float. From the videos of testing the speakers with DJ Brian blasting tunes across the car park, to the joiners and builders crafting the incredible design – I won’t go into too much detail to give the game away!

I recently read that nearly a third of LGBT young people avoid a career in STEM because of fears of discrimination, that’s according to a study by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET). That’s astonishing and incredibly sad. All too often, STEM careers are associated with a very fine section of society, excluding everyone else. We know different and are working hard to create an inclusive and supportive workplace for everyone. 

We proud to be a part of this year’s parade and proud to support our LGBT+ community.

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