31 August 2018

On the tech floor at UKFast - ethics

Some of the incredible team at UKFast.

Reading the news of payday lender Wonga going into administration this week, I certainly had mixed emotions.

It’s, of course, very rare for me to be pleased when a company goes into administration. There are always hard-working individuals behind every brand and no one deserves to be out of a job.

Many media outlets have questioned Wonga’s ethics relating to their payday loan service, with customer complaints reportedly playing a part in the firm’s struggles.

Nowadays with so many different types of career and a multitude of brands available to work for, it makes me think about how important ethics are when choosing a career.

Ethics and culture

Simon Sinek talks about a company’s WHY. Jim Collins writes in detail about a company’s PURPOSE. As leaders we all talk about CORE VALUES. These underlying principals are not just important to the direction a business goes in, they are integral. They are the very foundation of what a business stands for.

So when you find yourself working for a business with low morals, one that doesn’t fit your values, what should you do?

Importantly the recruitment process isn’t just about promoting yourself to get the role, it’s also about getting to know more about the business you’re applying to. What is the atmosphere like when you walk in? How are you greeted by the reception team? Often it is these first impressions that are the most revealing.

Have you got to know the business you’re looking to joining and what it stands for? Ultimately your values have to be aligned. It is impossible to thrive in an environment that doesn’t fit your own personal ethos, and to do a role that you’re not passionate about.

What are your thoughts?

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