3 September 2018

Lawrence Jones MBE at Sale Sharks

Keeping my eye on the rugby ball at Sharks!

When you’re growing a business it is all too easy to become distracted by the competition. What are they doing? What’s in the press about them? How did they achieve that?

Inevitably, there is someone who looks to be doing bigger, better things that you, or who seems to have all the luck. So what’s the secret? I would bet that it has a lot to do with them focussing on their own brand and business rather than focussing on what everyone else in their market is doing.

I remember in the early days wondering how we could compete with the big global giants. I knew we could do it, and I know we have an extraordinary British alternative at UKFast, but seeing the sheer scale of their operations, it was easy to wonder how on earth we would.

We focussed on what makes us great – innovation and people – and we’ve seen double-digit growth every year. Our home-grown eCloud cloud hosting range now accounts for more than 40% of overall turnover. It’s extraordinary really.

Belief is everything

They say that you should always keep your eye on the ball, and it is true. Focus on what you need to do to achieve your goal, rather than on the bowler, the person you’re competing against.

Beyond this, belief is essential. You have to believe that you are the best, that you can beat the competition. Muhammad Ali described himself as the best in the world long before he was. This belief and power of intention no doubt played a huge part in the extraordinary levels of success that followed.

Ultimately, whilst it is invaluable to stay up to date with industry developments, the competition should never become a distraction from what you’re trying to achieve yourself.

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